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Researching RYO! I need suggestions.

Posted by FluffyDuff on Monday, 09-Apr-2012

Ok, I'm getting ready to start RYO cigarettes. I've decided to get the Top-O-Matic (T1) machine. Now my big question is what tobacco and tubes to get? Right now I smoke Marlboro Menthol Ultralights. Every now and then I like to smoke a Camel Menthol Light. I like a pretty strong menthol flavor, but I still want to maintain the ultralight. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Buy the way I live in Indiana on the Indiana / Kentucky boarder.

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Re: Researching RYO! I need suggestions.
Posted by fish on Thursday, 23-Aug-2012

I am close to the Indiana /Kentucky border, Henderson, but if you like a light smoke, try Ohm silver or blue. I would buy menthol tubes, maybe Shargio, but not menthol tobacco. I don't smoke menthol, but have tried the combination for a friend who swears but it. I tried one and found it powerfully strong with menthol flavor.

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