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Tobacco Help?

Posted by Kenneth Kancavicus on Sunday, 01-Jan-2012

I have been a Camel non-filter cig. smoker all my life. This Christmas I received a Top-O-Matic machine with non-filter tubes to roll my own. The cost of taylor-mades have made it so that I now will start rolling my own. My question is, does anyone know where I can order or buy Turkish blended tobacco to roll my own? I live in Haverhill, Ma. on the Plaistow, N.H. line. The two stores there only seem to carry RGB The Good Stuff tobacco and it's not even close to my past Camel brand of Turkish and Domestic blended tobacco. Can someone PLEASE point me in the right direction to obtain Turkish blended tobacco? What kinds are there out there that I can try? Thanks in advance, Ken K.

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Re: Tobacco Help?
Posted by J1Y on Tuesday, 06-Mar-2012

I am new to this forum, also new to this hobby of MYO, RYO, and SYO. Love it so far. I have been doing exhaustive research on pipe tobacco and am currently smoking 7 different ones sourced online from SmokingPipes.com, tobaccogeneral.com, and lilbrown.com. Tobaccos are D&R Daughters and Ryan Vengeur, Peter Stokkebye Turkish, Danish, Norwegian, Amsterdam, Virginia, and OHM Natural.
I commit to a detailed posting on each, but have a loose end to tie up before I do. Can tell you that the Turkish is one of the finest, while not having much turkish flavor, top notch tobacco that would be an excellent place to start. Will not get stuck with something you can't smoke.

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Re: Tobacco Help?
Posted by CTsmoker on Sunday, 01-Jan-2012

4 Aces Turkish Blend might be a good one to start with. Bugler might also appeal to you, although it is a "cigarette" tobacco, and therefore more expensive than 4 Aces and The Good Stuff. Ohm offers 2 turkish blends as well. The Ramback line from D&R is well regarded, but difficult to find in brick and mortar shops. Peter Stokkebye Turkish pipe is also well regarded but difficult to find. Development of this website was suspended, therefore activity is low. [link] is an active site though, and we welcome you to come over and join us.

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