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pipe tobacco

Posted by Theresa Sobolewski on Thursday, 28-Jul-2011

can you tell me if rolling cigarette tobacco and pipe tobacco is the same
for smoking. pike tobacco is so much cheeper but is so harsh. advise on this please.

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Re: pipe tobacco
Posted by BillyRay on Sunday, 11-Oct-2015

tobecco is so good if you use the right pipe tobecco to stuff your cegarattes and they taste just fine just fine some good pope tebacco and make cigs all day long i alsways set with my crank watch wrestleing or my FAVE NASCAR! in out trailer and make cigerattes all day long and smoke them and my wife likes the menthol stiff but i dont find that to good cause the menthol is harsh but hey everyone likes whey they like and we save so much money i can save up to jack up the camaro sweeet!

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Re: pipe tobacco
Posted by home grower on Saturday, 06-Aug-2011

I found a great "dual use" (that's what they call it) pipe/cigarette tobacco at rollyourown.com (I've no affiliation with them whatsoever) and it's Organic! I've found that organic tobacco doesn't leave gunk on the bottom of ashtrays like regular $7/pack cigs. They're selling 5 pounds for $100 and a pound will make around 2 to 2 1/2 cartons so that means you can roll your own organic cigs for less than $10 bucks carton!

Here's a direct link to the organic:

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Re: pipe tobacco
Posted by jodi on Tuesday, 06-Oct-2015

They call it pipe tobacco because the sales tax is in a different bracket but most are for cigarette smoking. Big brands like criss cross, gambler, premiere, are all for cigs just have it labeled as pipe tobacco

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