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D&R Samplers

Posted by Mike B on Monday, 17-Dec-2007
Ok, just ordered a sample pack from D&R. The one with Ramback, Vongeur, Windsail, and Rowland that includes 2 boxes of tubes. Hopefully will find "my" tobacco from that. So far, I'm actually diggin the Zig Zag but when I get close to the filter, it's harsh as hell.

What's your opinion on the D&R Blends? I'll probably make a separate order for Cockstrong next month, too.

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Re: D&R Samplers
Posted by Mike B on Monday, 24-Dec-2007

Ok, Got them in the mail, today. I am thoroughly impressed with all of them except the Ramback. I tasted/felt nothing from this stick. Rowland is an absolute pleasure. The website says that it smells of chocolate but doesn't taste that way. Maybe it's my palet but I taste the chocolate vividly. Vongeur is not a "mild" smoke in my opinion but it is labeled that way. Windsail is different. I like it a lot and I think is a mild smoke.

The windsail tubes are wonderful. Very pleased with my order.

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Re: D&R Samplers
Posted by Captain U-96 aka Mike on Monday, 24-Dec-2007

Mike, Ramback is an all Turkish blend, and that is the way Genuine Turkish smokes! Ramback is one of my favorites, along with Ramback Balkan, which has an ultra high grade Flu Cured Virginia added to alleviate what you just described. Until D&R developed Ramback there was no 100% Turkish tobacco blend available--none! I do enjoy Ramback in an unfiltered stick at times, but I enjoy it even better blended 60/40 with Two Timer, or in even amounts of Windsail Platinum, and Two Timer. Turkish is an acquired taste, and you won't find better tobacco, IMHO than D&R's blends! Capt Mike

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Re: D&R Samplers
Posted by Mike B on Tuesday, 25-Dec-2007

So when you blend, do you do a bunch at one time or just each time for a single stick?

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Re: D&R Samplers
Posted by KL on Wednesday, 26-Dec-2007

I use a 1/4 or 1/2 tablespoon to measure out a one stick blend, one at a time until you get something you like, then you will know how to recreate it on a larger scale. It seems that Turkish needs to burn at a higher temp, than what it will burn by it's self, to bring out the flavor. windsail, penhooker,three sails (Virginia), and/or two timer (burly) will make it burn hotter and bring out the Ramback flavor,   even blends like Vengeur or Rowland are tobaccos that blend very well with any of the 3 Rambacks from D&R. If you use so much Ramback in your blend that you turn your blend into an ultralight and you don't taste much of the Turkish it might not be burning hot enough. (use less Turkish).    I'm no tobacconist, but that's one of the blending rules I use. I almost never smoke Ramback by it's self and it is still my fav tobacco and I will never run out of it.

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