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What gives

Posted by ALLTALL on Monday, 08-Oct-2007
What gives cigar smoke that distinctive oder? What type of tobacco? I assume, since it does not exist in a cigarette, that it is something completely different from the types found in a cig.

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Re: What gives
Posted by John on Friday, 19-Oct-2007

Actually the tobacco used can be the same, but it all has to do with the way it is aged, that effects the flavor. A good example is the Padron 1926 and Padron 1964, both the same blend but the tobacco is aged differently but the cigar is different. Excess tobacco is often used to make short fill / medium filler cigars the rest is sold to cigarette companys.

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Re: What gives
Posted by Michael on Monday, 08-Oct-2007

Cigar tobacco is indeed a different type than cigarette tobacco. Do a google search on cigar tobaco. Lots of interesting info out there. I smoked a Dominican Cohiba about a month ago, unreal smoke.

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