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Posted by Rabb on Saturday, 25-Aug-2007
I understand no-one may have an answer for this, but I'll give it a shot as you guys seem to know your stuff.

I need some help finding my brand(s) for everyday smoking. I'm ok with using light tobacco and FF tubes, or FF tobacco and light tubes... ect. I use the Supermatic Excel. I'm currently using Supermatic Light Kings, and taking recommendations on better tubes.

I'm not looking for an exact replica of a factory brand. Although what I'm looking for is something similar to what I've smoked previously and enjoyed.

I liked hand rolled Bali-Shag, it was delicious. I also stuffed Bugler Gold. As for factory, I smoked Camel Turkish Silver, Pall-Mall lights, Camel Lights and USA Gold Lights. Those are the brands I went through, and ended my factory smokes career with the Turkish Silvers.

Right now I'm using a mix of Criss-Cross FF and Gambler Light, 1:1. Only to get rid of them until my next purchase. I'm not really enjoying this blend, it seems so flavorless. There's a slight weight to the smoke, but I'm looking for something with more depth.

If anyone can suggest a mix or single brand that you think I might want to try, I'd be much obliged. I'm not against ordering online, but I'd rather something commercial I can pick up from a local shop. I'm in the Northeast United States. Thank you.

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Re: Tobacco Suggestions
Posted by Kendall leonard on Wednesday, 14-Nov-2007

McClintock light is some of the best light tobacco you will ever try. Even if you are a full flavor fan. it is rich, sweet and above all flavorful with depth and not as you said "flavorless". Peter Stokkebye"s sweet and nutty Danish Export (like 3 castles), mellow and nutty Turkish Export, and the awesome sweet and rich London Export are all tobaccos that you just cannot go wrong with.

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Re: Tobacco Suggestions
Posted by Captain U-96 aka Mike on Saturday, 22-Sep-2007

I'd suggest you give McClintock a try. It comes in Full Flavor, Light, and Menthol. McClintock is made in Denmark for Peter Stokkebye. I try to keep a can of their Full Flavor on hand for blending and straight now and then. One of my favorite blends is 60% FF and 40 Ramback Gold, or Ramback, and now Ramback Balkan. I don't have any experience with the Light or Menthol; but being that it is made for P. Stokkebye I know they are also high quality.   

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Re: Tobacco Suggestions
Posted by Alist on Friday, 21-Sep-2007

I am also a SYO newbie. I have sampled several ultralight tobaccos, as well as a couple of light tobaccos and 3 different menthols. I have found that my personal preferences line up very well with the tobacco reviews found throughout these forums by other purchasers.

Here's my list of tobaccos to avoid;

1. Gambler Ultralight - has a nasty aftertaste to me, although my sister loved it. She smokes Goldcrest Light premades, so Gambler is a step up for her for sure.
2. Farmer's Gold Ultralight - I am still not sure this is even tobacco. Has a very faint yet funky aftertaste. Like the Gambler, I don't like the after effects it leaves in the throat, although the after effects are much milder than Gambler.
3. Golden Harvest Ultralight - Another one that leaves a rather odd aftertaste as well as after effect in the throat. It's nowhere near as bad as the first two, however.

Tobaccos I love;

1. Stokers #2 Ultralight - This will probably be my daily smoke once I smoke up what's left of the other tobaccos I purchased. The taste has a sweet edge, almost like a bit of sugar.
2. Rave Ultralight & Menthol Light - I really like Rave, both the ultralight and the menthol light. The taste has a sweet edge, almost like a bit of sugar, although nowhere near as pronounced as Stokers #2.
3. Wingate Menthol Light - I am not a menthol smoker and wouldn't even be messing with menthol were I not SYO. This one is a bit strong nicotine wise (but not menthol wise) for me. Based on this one tobacco, I would have to say anything by D & R must be top quality.
4. Sagamore Light - Again, this is too strong nicotine-wise for me, since I am an ultralight smoker, but OH what a smooooth smoke this one is. Based on this one tobacco alone I would say any of the Sagamore tobaccos MUST be top quality. This one isn't sweet tasting at all, but you won't miss the lack of sweetness either. If Sagamore came in an ultralight they would probably have ALL of my business.

Keep in mind, I am an ultralight smoker who dabbles with light menthols from time to time. I seem to prefer burly based tobaccos that are heavily flavored towards sweetness. If it almost tastes like smoking sugar, I love it. I assume that if the Stoker's #2, Rave, D & R and Sagamore are tasty in either ultralight, light or menthol light, then the other flavors in these same brands, including full or light, will be just as good. In other words, I would find it hard to believe that Stokers #2 Light or Full Flavor could be anything like a Gambler, Farmer's Gold or Golden Harvest, even though I have personally only smoked the Stokers #2 Ultralight. As a matter of fact, these 4 brands (Stokers #2, Rave, D & R, Sagamore) are the ones I plan to refer to my friends, as I introduce them to SYO. Any smoker of lights, should especially get some Sagamore Light.

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