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Posted by Jeremy B on Thursday, 26-Jul-2007
Here are my experiences with some tobaccos I have recently tried:

Peter Stokkebye: London Export and Amsterdam Shag
American Spirit: Original Blend
D&R: Windsail, Ramback, Vengeur, Vengeur Light,

Windsail is very good, and very popular. At first I thought it could be my regular smoke, until I tried the Vengeur Light. They are similar, and I would recommended this if Vengeur Light did not exist. Try the Platinum version. It's not that much more expensive, and people like it a lot.

Vengeur Light is my favorite from these blends. I could smoke this every day and be happy. Somewhat mild with a flavorful natural taste. Not too light, just right. Almost too tasty for my own good. Highly recommended. Regular Vengeur is good too. A bit strong for my regular smoke. They're similar, but I prefer the former.

Danish Export I like very much. It is mild and flavorful. I enjoy it for a change of pace. Recommended if you need a tasty mild smoke with a little more tasty artificial flavorings, and a little less natural tobacco flavor. Highly recommended if you've already tried Vengeur Light but want something new.

Amsterdam Shag has some strange flavorings which don't agree with me. I think one can find better for the price. Not recommended, maybe just not my style.

Ramback is a very popular Turkish tobacco. Has a very strong smell, that some people compare to dirty socks. I'm inclined to agree. Super mild, but incredibly flavorful. I do enjoy the taste, but the smell is just too much for me personally. However I am a bit sensitive to some smells compared to my friends.

If you've never had a Turkish tobacco, try a sample. A lot of people love to mix this brand for delicious flavor kick. Recommended, but just to enhance the flavor of your other favorite tobaccos. Ramback Gold is even pre-mixed with Windsail Platinum for you.

American Spirit Original gives me a buzz because the "freebase" nicotine absorption rate in this brand is abnormally high. I believe this brand is overpriced considering it's quality. It is harsh. Most people seem to prefer the U.S. blend over this. Not recommended.

I hope this helps someone find a brand that they enjoy.

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Re: Reviews
Posted by Jo on Wednesday, 26-Sep-2007

Ramback is the main one that causes my husband and the rest of the family yell to high heaven about the smell even outside.

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