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New Hampshire Smoking Ban

Posted by Wazmo Nariz on Wednesday, 20-Jun-2007
Commissar John Lynch of the former state of New Hampshire is the latest in a growing line of anti-rights lackeys seeking to have his will (as well as the will of a handful of Big Dollar Political Contributors) imposed upon the Little Man by signing "law" creating a smoking ban in 90 days.

The whole sad tale here: [link]

Welcome to America's 21st century version of a free society.

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Re: New Hampshire Smoking Ban
Posted by Mike T. on Wednesday, 20-Jun-2007

I would think this contradicts their state motto "Live Free or Die". After a smoking ban things only get worse. Here in The People's Republic of California all kinds of crazy rules have been implemented for smoking outside. About a year ago I helped a friend of mine build a bar area in his garage. At least once a week my smoking friends and I come to the garage to drink, and smoke. Not only do I save money on cigarettes, I save money on drinks.

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