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Laramie Shoot-O-Matic

Laramie Shoot-O-MaticPosted by Lee UK on Wednesday, 14-Dec-2011

Hi All (First Post)
I have recently bought a Laramie Shoot-O-Matic (oasis hardware china - supermatic clone).
I have have been able to stuff rizla concept tubes with amber leaf straight out the box.
It does carrot top them as the spoon is to long for these tubes. I put the seam on the gripper and the tube slides off at the end of the crank without tearing.
I have only put 100g of tobbacco though it so far so I will have to see how it holds up over time.
It has a handle like the top machine and cutter is aluminium.

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Re: Laramie Shoot-O-Matic
Posted by Lee Uk on Sunday, 01-Jan-2012

I have removed the burs off the mech where it was pressed and this has freed up the mech. I prefer it with out the spring, also much quieter that way. I have changed to mascotte tubes which I think taste better than the rizla concept tubes. I have moved the handle to vertical starting position and put a tupper tub on top (hopper) and removed the grab handle. I have put in on a board using a homemade quick release. I had to clean the blade so I polished it with fine wet and dry and then buffed with metal polish, not had to clean it since. I have shorten the spoon and made the teeth a bit bigger. I also had to file a bit off the plastic bit(corner) off the spoon to make it return better.
I can safely say we are now friends.

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Re: Laramie Shoot-O-Matic
Posted by David on Wednesday, 17-Feb-2016

Just about to buy one of these- what did you think of it in the end? Is it worth buying?

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