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6.5mm Injector from D&R!

6.5mm Injector from D&R!Posted by Captain U-96 aka Mike on Friday, 14-Dec-2007
Quite the hardiest little slider I've seen so far! Too bad they all aren't made this heavy. Comes with a plastic compressor and a spare nipple & directions.

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D&R's Ultra Slim 6.5mm Hand Held Injector
Posted by Captain U-96 aka Mike on Monday, 11-Feb-2008

This is the hand held tool that changed my perspective and view of hand helds! Because of experiences from long ago, that best not be spoken of; I'll focus on the subject at hand, The D&R Ultra Slim 6.5mm injection tool. When I opened the box, the first thing that I noticed was the weight of this tool, and the heftiness of its build--no problem with my big hands and fingers. Carefully following the directions, I preceded to fill the ends then the middle of the tool with Ramback Balkan. I used the included tamper to get a uniform pack. I was very surprised I was able to easily fill the tube all the way to the filter, with a around 3/16 of tobacco sticking out the end. Two taps, and I had a perfect stick, uniformly packed with an easy draw, which I didn't expect. The tool is well built, solid, and designed to last a lifetime with proper care. I've used over a carton of the 6.5's and the learning curve is much shorter than I remember of the old days in the early and mid 90's! I used a variety of tobaccos and all satisfactorily made quality sticks! I'd never have believed I'd be saying such things about hand helds! It seems they've came a long way, and I'll be using my Ultra Slim shooter daily! I like the characteristics of the tubes, and they're great for any type of tobacco, not just Ramback, or Ramback Balkan! Even PenHooker Light injects well, but takes moment longer to pack uniformly, but the extra effort is worth it to me. I couldn't imagine going through the day smoking only one blend! and if I'm in the mood for a slim, it doesn't matter what tobacco I use with D&R's new 6.5 Ultra Slim hand held tool. Capt Mike

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Re: 6.5mm Injector from D&R!
Posted by Captain U-96 aka Mike on Saturday, 15-Dec-2007

After going over the directions a second time I made my first smoke; which turned out a bit soft, but it smoked! This machine is different than anything I've ever used before!
I kind of like this little jobber! The way I hold it to load--open to the left in my left hand. there's a flat spot next to the hinge that is perfect for my thumb to grasp while I fill the machine, using my finger tips to slide the tobacco down the sides and into the groove. To get a nice even pack the compressor must be used. This machine is different in feel in the actual injection process, because it felt to me to be over filled! Even so, I haven't had a bad stick yet--a couple of softies, but no bad or popped off yet. The directions say to let the tobacco dry a little before using, and I found out why. If you don't it will stick in the nipple when you go to remove the finished stick. I have a small tool I use to poke the tobacco through the nipple. Then, the usual two or three taps and may be a snip if the tobacco isn't even with the end of the stick. There is going to be a learning curve, but if you like thin smokes you're in there. There isn't any reason I can see why a person couldn't make perfect smokes with this machine, unless they don't read the directions first! Capt Mike

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Re: 6.5mm Injector from D&R!
Posted by dave z on Thursday, 21-Feb-2008

Just got my new 6.5mm from D&R (under 2 days...quick!). Chuckled to myself about the size. This thing is TINY! lol, and the tubes too! Stuffs well, appears to be made well (heavy plastic), can fit 21 smokes in a "Smokey", easily. This thing is worthwhile getting just for the amusement factor! This thing is great, and saves baccy too! :)

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