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Perique: The Native Crop

Sept '05: The link is to the Wayback Machine's archived copy of the page.
An interesting Louisiana Life article that covers both St. James Parish and Acadian Green River Perique's (used in D&R's Rimboche blends).

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Perique Pure from D & R soon??
Posted by lipps1948 on Wednesday, 24-Jan-2007

Perique Pure from D & R soon??
Email relating to Mark's Perique,

Hi Ernest Our Perique's are 20% and soon I really don't know the exact date we will have the perique on the market and you will be able to blend to your taste.Thank you for your interest and hopefully it will be out soon,Gloria
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From: Ernest 'Pete' Lipps
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Sent: Friday, December 29, 2006 9:47 AM
Subject: Perique

Hi Mark,

I ordered both Perique's, the S.J. Rimboche is lots more flavorful, must be the Louisiana Perique. What do you think about 10% more Perique in the S.J., I sure would like to give it a shot. If this worked out to a great flavoring then a slight increase in pricing would not matter. Maybe a standard for the one you have now, and an extra flavor Perique of additional 10% or whatever amount it take's to bring out the Perique more. Either way I think my favorite will be the S.J.
Kindest Regards
Ernest Lipps

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Re: Perique Pure from D & R soon??
Posted by lipps1948 on Wednesday, 24-Jan-2007

Re: Perique Pure from D & R soon??AMERICAN SPIRIT PERIQUE BLEND
The Perique Blend Filter Cigarettes contain a unique blend of authentic Perique tobacco and our original additive-free whole leaf tobacco. Perique tobacco is grown exclusively in St. James Parish, Louisiana, aged and fermented in oak whiskey barrels, and is one of the worlds rarest types of tobacco. The Perique adds a rich, spicy taste to our regular tobacco blend.


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