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Fante's Kitchen Wares Shop

square_glass_jars.jpgThe link is to their jars page. They have the 2 Liter Luminarc glass jars that Mike mentioned (qty 5 = $7.29ea shipped). They don't say what size the opening is. All the wire bail jars I've seen have a 3-5/16" opening (a bit too small IMO). They also have some neat looking square jars with label holders (qty 3 = $12ea shipped).

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Re: Fante's Kitchen Wares Shop
Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 30-May-2006

My 2 liter luminarcs have an interior diameter of 3-7/16"; my hand is probably small - 4" across at the widest point when flat on the table, so I have no problem getting my hand in.

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