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Light tube types

White Tip
   Plain: Laramie, Premier, Rave, Rayo, Smokers Gold, Windsail, Zen, Golden Harvest, Shargio
   Perforated: Gambler, TOP, Twister, Zig Zag

Cork Tip
   Plain: El Rey (new), Escort, Gizeh Charbon, Ramback, Rave, Rizla, Three Castles, Vera Cruz
   Perforated: El Rey (old), Mascotte (Gold), Silver Tip (Airstream)

Manufacturer and Filter length:

   Inter-Continental Trading (US):
      Shargio: 20mm

   St Vincent (Philippines):
      17mm dense : Rave, Smokers Gold, Zen, Golden Harvest
      20mm: Laramie and Three Castles
      20mm dense: Ramback, Vera Cruz and Windsail
      22mm: Cheap Tobacco
      25mm: Zen 100's

   RBA/Imperial (Canada, new: 15mm filter, porous paper):
      El Rey, Escort, Premier, Rayo and Rizla

   Gizeh (France):
      15mm: Gizeh Charbon, Silver Tip, Twister
      25mm: Silver Tip Extra

   Austria: Gambler, TOP and maybe Zig Zag
   Germany: El Rey (old) and Rizla (old)

Please correct or add missing brands via comments.

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Re: Light tube types
Posted by JerzyJoe on Saturday, 14-Jul-2007

Cheap Tobacco Tubes with the 22MM filter (yellow and blue box) is a St. Vincant tube...

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Re: Light tube types
Posted by Dave L on Saturday, 14-Jul-2007

I didn't know St Vincent made tubes with 22mm filters, thought they were all 17 and 20mm (25 on 100's). White or cork colored tip?

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