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CTC style tubes

CTC_style_tubes.jpgWhile there are still some CTC made tubes out there, they are becoming a thing of the past.

Filtered tubes are made up of 3 elements - a paper encased filter, tube paper and tipping paper (the cork or white paper wrapped around the filter end). CTC appears to apply their tipping paper before making the tube. The seam overlaps of the tipping paper and the tube paper are in the same place. The result is a bulk of four layers of paper at the single seam. Other manufacturers offset the tipping paper and tube paper seams, i.e. apply the tipping paper after making the tube. Another item is gluing the filter tube to the filter paper, CTC only spot glues the filter in place. I believe its the combined effect of the bulky double seam and the spot gluing of the filter that causes the trademark dimple/crease.

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Re: Denicotea reusable paper filter.
Posted by Freddie on Tuesday, 26-Feb-2008

I have been useing a Denicotea filtered cigarette holder for years and still use the same cartrages that came with holder by removeing the end cap from cartrage and then tearing of one sheet of toilet paper..... fold sheet in half several times until it will fit into the end of cartrage.... then twist into cartrage, cutting off remaining paper to be used in another cartrage or later replacing tar soaked filter in same cartrage..... I think it removes much more tar than the crystals that came with original cartrage.... and will filter 1-2 packs between changes.... it is a cheap extra/alternative filter in my opinion.

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Re: CTC style tubes
Posted by Jo on Saturday, 23-Feb-2008

I was surprised to learn that some of the tubes are not as big around as the others and are hard to use on the supermatic II and the topomatic.

They almost need their own brand of injector. I purchased a handheld injector in order to use some of the smaller diameter tubes, that I had ordered without realizing how they would crumple up when being put on my 'matic.

There is one advantage of the smaller diameter tubes and that is the disposable plastic filters will fit on them, where they won't fit on most of the regular sized stuff your own tubes.

My husband bought me some TarBar disposable filters. They are plastic filters you put on the filter of your cigarettes. They are amazing. You can see what they do online here:


They would be great for the times you have smoked too much, bought too strong of a tobacco or have a cold, especially. But to use them on most syo filters you have to squeeze and scrunch the filter to get it to go inside the plastic filter. It is very hard to do, almost impossible. I have done it, though, and the filter works just like the picture shows on the website, without taking away the flavor of the cigarette.

The website has TarBar priced at: (1-4) Packs @ $6.49 Ea
Plus S&H, but my husband paid $2.69 plus tax at the liquor store. There are 30 filters in a box and each filter is good for 7 cigarettes. So one box would filter 210 cigarettes, which is a little over a carton.

Maybe if enough of us asked for the company to make TarBars that would fit 'stuff your own', they would do it. If not, it would seem like it would be a good addition to the sales of the syo tobacco websites, if they would manufacture some similar to them.

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Re: CTC style tubes
Posted by Michael Russo on Friday, 17-Apr-2020

The tarbar is a smoking Deterrent that is supposed to make you quit smoking not enjoy it. That's why the plastic filter turns completely black after a couple uses, and has that weird taste after a few uses.

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