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Large Flip-top

Large Flip-topWhile this will hold a whopping 32 Rizla 'cigarette size' tubes, they fit pretty snug. This appears to have been sized for factory made cigarettes and I doubt that 32 standard tubes would fit. Not bad for $1.29. Oct '07: It looks like RYOC is no longer stocking these


Re: Large Flip-top for 32 cigarettes
Posted by Bill S. on Saturday, 13-Oct-2007

I sure would like to find this cigarette case. It looks like the cat's meow for MYO Smokes and traveling. The provided link to the sales site did not prove to locate this thing capable of holding 32 storemade smokes or a few less MYO's. It is difficult to tell from the picture presented if this thing is for King Size or 100's. If you have an idea where this item can be found, please post the link to exact sites. Thanks

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Re: Large Flip-top for 32 cigarettes
Posted by Dave L on Saturday, 13-Oct-2007

Its for King size smokes. The link was to the RYOC page for this case. The cases they stock changes fairly regularly and it looks like they no longer stock this one.

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